North/Nord will define and implement projects under three separate project streams. Each stream will be co-led by members of the Steering Committee, with guidance from Operational Working Groups consisting of members of the Canadian library community with expertise in the respective areas. More detailed information will be provided as projects are formalized. Please suggest project ideas using this online form.


Our first Canadiana project will focus on monographs published by Canadian University Presses. It will aim to identify both widely and scarcely held titles across academic and government libraries, and to secure retention commitments for a suitable (TBD) number of preservation and access copies. Scott Gillies and Caitlin Tillman will serve as project co-leads.

Indigenous works

Through ongoing engagement with Indigenous community members and library representatives we will explore pathways to participation and project possibilities. Sheila Laroque, a Métis librarian from Saskatoon, is the project chair.

Statement of Intention
Along with a Land Acknowledgement, this statement of intention outlines our commitment to engagement, listening and learning, and collaboration. Our intention with this shared print program is to prioritize and build upon relationships with our partners first. Without our project partners and our relationships current and future, we would not be able to conduct our work. We commit for this project to be a discussion, a call for collaboration, a chance to rethink the colonial structures embedded within Shared Print practices to date. Our ideas of how this work might be done will evolve based on what we hear from our partners and the communities we hope to work with. Learning about how we can work collaboratively is our first priority as we listen to new ideas around access and stewardship for shared print.

Government documents

Our first Gov Docs project will build on the work of the National Overlap Study conducted in 2019 and funded by LAC. That study resulted in the identification of scarcely held materials and the addition of scarcity notes into local records. The first phase will focus on identifying widely held titles and securing commitments from participating libraries. Joseph Hafner and Jim Clark (LAC) will serve as project co-leads.

Canadian Government Documents Project Documentation & Agreement for Archive Holders